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vorsteiner-logoVorsteiner is a global leader in automotive Forged and Flow Forged wheel development and for sports and luxury vehicles. We create the most advanced, innovative, and distinct products in the marketplace to meet the demands of the most discerning clientele.

We specialize in European luxury vehicles while embracing a unique blend of precision craftsmanship and modern technology to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our wheels are designed, tested, and assembled with pride here in California at our own production facilities.

Product applications include several models for BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley and many other marques of prestige. We take great pride in our work, and our continuing commitment to bring you the best quality possible.

To set your vehicle apart from the rest, you’ve come to the right place. We are Automotive Perfection Redefined.

Vorsteiner and Imagination

One of Vorsteiner’s most prominent aspects is the use of exceedingly advanced technology, whether in the field of design, engineering, manufacturing, or production processes. From the rapid prototyping, extensive training seminars for qualifying our technicians, to the specialized Flow Forging and CNC machines, Vorsteiner products exceed the quality standards of most auto manufacturers.

However, even with the most modern equipment available, we refuse to be content with what’s commercially available, and are constantly seeking out newer and better advances in materials or technology to keep us on the leading edge of the aftermarket industry. This research and determination put forth ensures that we evolve and remain at the forefront of our market, and ultimately that our clientele receives only the very best.

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Vorsteiner Vision

Vorsteiner’s vision is only one thing: create then place in the hands of car aficionados everywhere the most advanced and innovative parts that are unrivaled in quality and aesthetic beauty. Pushing the boundaries of art and technology, Vorsteiner will not cease to lead the industry with the premium wheel manufacturing technology.


Vorsteiner Quality Control

Every Vorsteiner product is rigorously tested and must pass our highly detailed quality control before leaving the on-site Vorsteiner factory. Only after rigorous testing can a part be deemed worthy of the Vorsteiner name. Our clientele expect nothing less than perfection from Vorsteiner, and we welcome and exceed these expectations.

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